Monday, May 12, 2008


Today I bought a green, vintage metal suitcase for Mera and I to put our sex toys in. Mera has mentioned several times how much she'd like to keep our toys in a cool trunk or box of some kind. Her real fantasy is to have a James Bond-y sort of suitcase with foam inside, cut out and shaped perfectly to hold each toy in its place.

That's a pretty tall order and unlikely to manifest any time soon. Instead, I've been keeping my eyes peeled every time I drive by Rerun, a consignment shop on Fremont. My (soon to be former) apartment is just off Fremont and I drive by Rerun a lot, so I've got plenty of opportunities to scope out all the junk they pile into the parking lot every day. Today I caught sight of this awesome green suitcase as I drove by, so I circled the block and parked.

From the street it looked like a trunk... it still looks like a trunk, actually. But it's really a suitcase and it was only ten bucks! The tag had "$18" crossed out, then "$14" crossed out and then "$10." What a bargain! When Mera gets home from work tonight we're gonna load it up. Between us, we've got quite a collection, but the suitcase is pretty big and I'm sure all the empty space will inspire us to buy even more to fill it up. And really, there's nothing like the sight of a whole bunch of sex toys all in one place.

Right after I left my crazy ex, way back in early 2006, I dug out my bag of toys and dumped all my silicone gear into the bathroom sink for a scrub down. They'd all been cleaned after use, of course, but they were dusty from lack of use and I also felt the urge to purge any bad vibes from my previous relationship. I took my Terra Firma harness apart and scrubbed every nook and cranny, and each dildo, butt plug and vibrator got a good soaping. When I was done, I lined them all up on the bathroom counter to dry. Maybe the tiny bathroom counter was to blame, but that brightly colored little army of sex toys looked massive and amazing. So much promise! So exciting!

Alas, that little army went back in the bag and much of it didn't see the light of day for almost two years. Fortunately that's changing, however I have to admit things aren't completely perfect over here in Shagri La. I love Mera and the sex is totally hot... when we have it. And we haven't been having so much of it these past couple of months. There are lots of factors at play: Mera's schedule is awful for starters. She's in school full time and she works two jobs. She's not superhuman, after all. There's also the sexual identity crisis I've written about. Mera's coming to grips with a relationship that is unlike any other she's had before -- in a good way -- and she's slowly re-imagining herself as a slightly more dimensional sexual creature. Which is awesome, but also, as I said, slow. As for me... I'm mostly raring to go. :-)

Using the sex-toy suitcase will help. The case will add another layer of ritual to the sex, which Mera and I will both appreciate. The case will become like a sexual totem, a power object all unto itself. Just being in the same room with it will remind us of the possibilities and will maybe inspire our sexual creativity. Maybe the case will be like an aphrodisiac...?

Maybe I'm putting too much on the case. Who knows. What about you? How do you store your toys? Underwear drawer? Or somewhere more unusual and inspired? Do you have other toy related rituals? Please share. And I apologize for my recent lack of polls, I promise I'll try and think another one up soon...


heather said...

i think you're going to give the case performance anxiety.

seriously, i think it's a great idea to leave the case out and about. a reminder to have exciting times.

and in the dull but handy department, our "case" is a drawer in my nightstand. whee.

zuhn said...

I keep them in my pants!

south carolina girl said...

my little few are in either one of the nightstand drawers, depending on which drawer i feel like putting them in after each time. or sometimes they wind up in the top left dresser drawer with socks. or sometimes they just hang out in the bed.

mcCutcheon said...

what kind of sex toys do you guys have? is it just loads and loads of different dildos or also other stuff that my poor little naive mind wouldn't even think about ;)