Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and now for... the REST of the story!

**Yes, both my blogs have the same title today. Pleasant coincidence...**

So... it turns out Vicodin is really good at masking the pain that might, say, accompany being fucked by a massive, silicone cock...

I neglected to mention in my glowing review of the Lonestar that I had taken a Vicodin almost an hour before the toy came on the scene. I took it for back spasms I've been having since my extreme kayaking trip that ended last Monday. I don't have a prescription, Mera just happened to have one pill laying around and she gave it to me for the pain and... then... well...

The Vicodin worked so well, and I was so excited about the new cock, I found myself engaged in some seriously strenuous and nearly acrobatic manuevering that certainly didn't help my back in the long-run but that was extremely enjoyable in the short-run.

Unfortunately, while I loved every minute of it and was chomping at the bit to go at it again the next day, I failed to take into consideration the role of the Vicodin in all that hot, steamy fun. It's a powerful painkiller, for christ's sake! It couldn't help but dull some of the natural pain response that might be generated by getting fucked by something enormous!

I learned the error of my ways the next night when we used the Lonestar again, this time without the aid of Vicodin. I mean, I'm no dummy, I knew the med probably made some difference, but on the second night I had taken a muscle relaxer prescribed by my doc for the muscle spasm, and I thought it might have a similar effect on my poor little body. I was wrong.

It wasn't exactly miserable, but there was *definitely* pain this time and soreness afterwards. Oh well.

I still stand by this toy as a favorite, I'm just realizing that I wasn't as ready for it as I thought.

How about you? Those of you who use dildos, have you tried this VixSkin stuff? What do you think? Despite the role of the Vicodin in smoothing out the bumps in that first ride, I still believe the VixSkin is a lot more user-friendly than regular silicone. It's softer, warmer and somehow more exciting. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Well, since you love to hear from your readers so much...

I would say that one of the major reasons I don't use a dick very often in my usual activities is because of the unrealistic nature of the material. I've always wanted to think of it as an extension of me, and strive with all my might for that experience, but always there's this bit of understanding at the back of my mind that it's just a hard piece of rubber and it's not as enjoyable as it could be.

There's certainly other reasons why I don't usually wear a cock, but your posts about the Lonestar and VixSkin have me a little excited about the technological possibilities of things to come.

Congratulations on your new toy! May the enjoyment increase with every, well, you know...

south carolina girl said... very careful with the pills, ok?

take your time using your big toy instead.