Sunday, July 13, 2008

two thumbs WAAAAAAY up!

Meet my new best friend, The Lonestar. This much better picture will, hopefully, give you a better idea of the glory that is my newest toy.

This is a Vixen product made from ultrarealistic Vixskin silicone material that feels as close to the real thing as you could imagine. I've wanted to try this stuff for awhile now and I have to say: I'm a convert. As a "born gay" or a "puro" depending on who you ask (in other words, having never actually fucked a guy) I barely know what the "real thing" is supposed to feel like and that's certainly not a concern of mine.

However, the Vixskin feels sooooo much more organic than regular hard silicone. It's got a soft outer layer covering a much firmer inner core. I don't need it to feel like a real cock (which it does), I just want it to feel like something that should be attached to a human, not a hard hunk of cold plastic.

One added bonus to the Vixskin is that the extra layer of soft makes it very, very easy to take. And let me tell you, there is a lot of this monster to take. It's a very comfortable insertable length (six and a half inches), but the diamter is one and seven-eighths, just under two inches. That's fat, people. Really fat... for *me* at least...

I don't know what came over me -- Mera and I have been slowly working our way up to fatter and fatter cocks, but this one was off the charts. We popped into It's My Pleasure yesterday to replace my vibrator (which finally died after nearly seven years of steady service) and we spent some time fantasizing about potential new cocks. I was mesmerized by the proportions of the Lonestar, and very intrigued by the Vixskin, though it seemed too fat to imagine using.

For some reason, though, the pull was very strong. We didn't buy it yesterday, but I kept thinking about it. At some point in the middle of the night I made up my mind to get it. Mera had a two hour study-date today, so after I dropped her off at her classmate's, I drove straight back to It's My Pleasure and snatched it up. Of course I immediately texted Mera "I got you a present..." and I was thrilled at what a surprise it would be.

She, of course, was beside herself when she saw it. She's been wanting to get a big fat cock inside of me for awhile, but she's had to settle for relatively little guys. This one seemed like the mother lode! I made a grand pronouncement that I was going to give her head tonight, then sit on it, which made her immediately suspicious. "Are you sure you can take this thing?" She kept asking. "Do you really think you can do it?" She was so skeptical. I think she was afraid of getting her hopes up only to have them dashed.

Not to worry. I don't know how, but I managed to get myself onto that thing in no time. It was AWESOME! I could not believe how perfect and comfortable it felt, even though it was so much bigger than our previous big cock (which is a meager one and a half inches in diameter). I thank the Vixskin for making such a fat cock feel utterly comfortable.

Granted, it was tight at first, but after the initial burn wore off, it was like nothing else. Mera, completely shocked by the success of the operation, was in top form. I sat on her cock and bounced up and down for awhile (her special request), then eventually she flipped me over and pounded the shit out of me. The room was so hot and she was working so hard, sweat was pouring off her and dripping all over me. It was awesome.

Now I think I'm in love with the Lonestar and in serious danger of becoming a sex-addict. I only hope I don't wear Mera out, or scare her off with my enthusiasm. Yee-haw! Ride 'em cowboy!!! When can we use it again...?


heather said...

congratulations on your wise purchase! ;)

south carolina girl said...

aw...that is great! so happy for you and your new toy.

my fantasy boyfriend's name is cotton candy. he lives at toys in babeland website and i want to order one someday. not as big as that one though...

not a lot of good toys at my store here, cheap shit...