Thursday, March 13, 2008

not much time

Things have been busy lately and I haven't had much time to sit and ruminate and churn out clever blog posts about sex. Fortunately I haven't been too busy to keep actually *having* sex, but just barely.

I got a really awesome promotion at work and this is my last week working my old shift in my old position. This old shift, by the way, ends at midnight, which sucks. Last night I worked for the last time with my coworker and good pal Michelle and we went out after work for one last hurrah at our favorite dive bar.

Normally Michelle and I go out once a week for our "usual" (beer and pin-ball at Billy Ray's), and Mera and I tend to take that night off from sleeping over. However, for some reason last night Mera agreed to come sleep at my house even though I wouldn't be getting home until after 2am. God bless her.

I did not expect her to be awake when I got home. The basic idea was just that we'd sleep in the same bed, wake up and have tea in the morning, and squeeze in what little quality time we could scrape together before she went to school and I went to a noon meeting.

Much to my surprise, however, when I opened my door at 2:15am, I found Mera awake in bed watching a dvd on her computer. I was so happy to see her little face. I threw my stuff down and knelt by the bed to hug her. We had a nice, sweet, homecoming moment, then she took my hand and guided it down under the sheets where it encountered the firm and alluring contours of the new glittery cock, which was tucked neatly under a pair of boxer briefs. She was awake and wearing the cock. I was amazed.

Long story short, we were up fucking until 4:30am and I spent the day dragging, but at least I had happy memories of last night to keep me going. Tonight, however, is a totally different story. I arrived at Mera's (from my very last midnight shift, woo-hoo!) and found her zonked out and snoring in her bed, fully dressed, on top of the covers with the menu page of a dvd playing it's continuous loop over and over. She woke up long enough to kiss me on the cheek and listen to a couple of stories about work, and now she's conked back out and here I sit, writing about her and waiting for the adrenaline of work to wear off so I can join her.


mcCutcheon said...

awwww... I haven't had sex in ages. finn and I just can't seem to get it on when we're this stressed out :/

like your blogs btw.


heather said...

excellent post, man. hot sex and domesticity in one flash.

sorry i missed the kayak thing! hopefully i'll make the next one, or an actual kayak outing.

Grumpy Granny said...

Ahh, the vissicitudes (or however you spell it) of life. Hot one moment and sleepy the next. Last night, G and I watched "April's Shower", a really cute and funny movie, then went in to read. She kinda started "teasing" half-heartedly, thinking that I would say (as I often do) that I wanted to read, but I surprised her, and we got pretty hot and heavy. It was great! And wonderful when you can dispense with the "routine" for a while.