Sunday, March 9, 2008


I like pain. Not all the time, and not all kinds of pain, but when I'm in the right mood, certain kinds of pain feel better than anything else on earth. I don't have the time or inclination to write a big S/M manifesto right now. Instead, I'll just focus on pain.

Of all the kinds of pain I have played with over the years, nipple pain is my favorite. I love to have my nipples mauled. The best is when my partner starts out soft and slow, then builds and builds and builds until she's squeezing and pinching them so hard they burn. The feeling moves from sensual to sexual to transcendently painful. I love it.

This weekend, Mera and I took it a little too far and now I'm sitting here with a bandaid on my left-nipple. Woops. I don't know why the right nipple got off so easy, but the left one is absolutely out of commission for awhile. We were both in a trance as it was happening. I was completely drunk off the sensation and Mera was in a sexual fugue state. I kept begging and egging her on and the next thing I knew she was saying "I taste blood."


So we stopped and now my left nipple looks a little like ground-round and hurts like it's been sunburnt. Hence the bandaid, to prevent chafing. And I'm also wearing a bra for a change. Anything to keep the little guy padded and safe from irritation until it's all healed up and ready to go again.

Years ago, I had my right nipple pierced. I had a theory that since I loved to have my nipples played with really hard, I'd REALLY love to have a ring through them to enhance the sensation. Boy was I wrong. Having my nippled pierced was the most intensely painful experience of my life. I enjoyed an endorphin high that lasted about three hours -- that alone was worth the $80 I paid for the jewelry and piercing.

Unfortunately, the ring only made my nipple ultra-sensitive and I was never able to enjoy rough nipple-play while the ring was in. Not to mention it never quite healed all the way. I kept it in for almost two years and it was constantly irritated and cycling through infections, even when it wasn't being handled at all. My body just wasn't into it.

I remember vividly the day I decided to take it out. I was working for Whole Foods in Durham and I was spending a lot of time in the dairy cooler because our Dairy Buyer'd quit and I was subbing. Spending a whole day in a giant refrigerator isn't good for nipples in general, but it's especially hard on an infected nipple with a piece of steel running through it. My nipple stayed hard as a rock all day in the cooler and the whole thing just throbbed.

Finally, early one cold morning as I dressed for work, I just did it. I didn't even think about it. I unscrewed one of the balls on the circular barbell in my nipple and gently slid the ring through and out of my body. As the steel left my skin, my whole body relaxed and I felt warm and comfortable again. It was like I'd been clenching and tensing every muscle in my body for two years and suddenly I was able to breathe free and rest. It was bliss. I have never looked back and would never, ever consider piercing my nipples again.

What about you guys? Pain? Nipple piercing? Clamps? Anything? I could write ten more posts about nipples and pain, but that's enough for today. I'm at the laundromat and it's time to fold my clothes and get out of here. But let me know if you've got your own pain stories. I'm all ears.


south carolina girl said...

mmm...pain is more fun to fantasise about than to actually feel sometimes i think. i don't know, i want to get a tattoo soon, part of me can't wait and the other part wants to run and hide.

reasonably prudent poet said...

oooooh, tattoo pain is the best! depending on where you get it, it might be really intense or hardly noticeable. my first tattoo was on my shoulder blade and it wasn't too bad, but my worst was on my lower back -- holy shit did that hurt! it was the most awful 4 hours of my life! but i have a really awesome tattoo there that will last the rest of my life, so it was worth it. what are you planning on getting?

south carolina girl said...

um,well, i was going to get a small one, a very stylised nautilus (spelling?) shell that is mostly a spiral that i drew, like smaller than a quarter. i'm starting small! but i might not get it (spring break next week) because right now at my house my brother and parents are having a tattoo war. i was secretly gauna get mine and then not say nothing but he started wanting one, they say he can get it (have to be 21 in SC unless you are 18+ and a parent signs) but he's pushing, "i want it this weekend dammnit!" and he don't even have money to get it and don't really even know what he wants yet; hasn't designed it. and they're like, dude, chill, give it a minute. that sort of thing. so if i got mine and then it got out i had one, there'd be a bunch of shit slinging, know what i mean? i might do it anyway though, lol. was gauna do it on my shoulderblade like your first one, i was thinking it would hurt like fuck with the bone there but that is reassuring that you say it wasn't too bad. my friend wants one on her lower back, though, lol. 4 hours is a long time. good for you for sticking it out though, brave woman.