Thursday, April 3, 2008

no excuses

Wow. Sorry for my long absence. I hate the thought of losing my tiny but growing fan-base, and long absences sure don't keep people coming back. But I've just been so *tired* lately. I'm almost at the end of my third week on the new job and I'm still not used to the schedule. I worked 4pm to midnight for sooooo long and now I'm working a morning shift. Boy that's a rough switch to make! I'm excited to be off in the evenings, but I'm so tired! And waking up early five days a week mostly sucks. Yeah, I know, it's a life that plenty of folks have been living for a long time, but it's new and weird for me.

Before this change, Mera and I didn't have nearly enough time together. Our schedules were tricky and we only had two evenings a week together. This was obviously an intolerable arrangement, and our solution was to stay up until 3am every night after my midnight shift ended just so we could hang out, catch up, chat and have sex. Which sucked. So we fantasized about how awesome it would be if my schedule changed. We looked forward to a whopping four evenings a week, to cooking meals for each other, and to having lots more sex.

Well... we've definitely been making meals for each other (tonight I'm making perogies and steamed broccoli, yum). But the sex... not so much. I had dreams of hopping in the sack with Mera around 8pm every night for some super-hot lovin', but if I was to have hopped in the sack at 8pm these past three weeks, I would have fallen into a deep sleep immediately. I'm so disappointed in myself! Will I ever get my energy back?!? I hope so.

My kayaking friend told me recently that it can take your body up to six months to acclimate to a new schedule. I can't believe it could possibly take that long, but what do I know? Mera and I will have to just work around my exhaustion, because we can't go six months without having sex. That's no good. And as it stands, it's been almost a month since Mera has fucked me. And that's a long time considering that our relationship is barely four months old. We've gotta start having sex again soon or things might get weird. Ya know what I mean?


heather said...

i know this isn't revolutionary, but make a date night. shoot for a night you both have off, but if you can't, so be it. try to eat/go to bed earlier that evening, etc, whatever gets the creative (and other) juices flowing. just a thought.

Grumpy Granny said...

A date night is a good idea. Also, do allow your body to adjust to the schedule without trying to force it. I have been reading SO many articles on the importance of good sleep on good health. You might as well start now. Also, I'm sure neither one of you would be happy if you happened to fall asleep during sex!!! EEEEK, don't laugh, it can happen when you are just utterly tired.

Give yourself time, and SCHEDULE those fun nights, and I bet you'll be back on track sooner than you think!

Good luck and keep us posted!


south carolina girl said...

it's good you're 4 months into the relationship and can go a month without sex. means the relationship can stand a month with no sex. although i'm sure you miss it...

just my opinion.