Monday, June 16, 2008

the best possible scenerio

It has always been my opinion that, in a perfect world, everyone would fuck exactly like me. They wouldn't necessarily mirror my every movement, but they'd at least follow my basic protocols for pleasing another woman. I don't like to brag, but I have received VERY positive feedback about my sexual performance from almost all my partners, including and especially Mera. I have been told, and I believe, that I'm pretty good at fucking women. And even though I know I don't sound the least bit humble, I don't think I do anything particularly spectacular. Everything I do seems like common sense.

First of all -- and this is absolutely foundational -- I LOVE WOMEN. I love women's bodies, I love touching women, I love every tiny bit of skin, I love every sound and smell and flavor. Furthermore, I feel empathic when I'm touching women. It's like I can feel it in my own body too, like I'm melding just a little with the woman I'm touching, and her pleasure is my pleasure too. This empathy helps me read her signals and follow the flow and rhythm of what feels good. It helps me carry us both down that path towards the big O.

But aside from all that emotional, spiritual, psychological bonding, there are just some basic physical things that seem obvious, little tricks that seem utterly self-explanatory... and yet lots of people don't do them. There's a kind of sliding that feels so good, a finger sliding down to pick up that natural lubrication and then sliding back up across the labia and around the clit. The labia seem so neglected by many of the women who've fucked me over the years -- and the labia have so much sensation to offer!

And speaking of the labia, what ever happened to teasing? To the slow build-up of sensation? I like to spend a nice chunk of time getting closer and closer, but not quite touching. My hands reach far down the legs and come up the inner thighs, barely grazing the pubic hair, closer and closer every time, building the tension and expectation to a fevered pitch. In my mind I imagine my partner's cunt swelling and engorging, which it literally is. By the time my fingers slide towards her snatch and back up to her clit, she's all fat and throbbing with desire.

Once she's in that state, she's putty in your hands! You start slow then build, listen to her breathing, feel her hips rise to meet you, follow her rhythms, speed up, speed up, be careful not to hit that clit too hard and overbalance the load, then pretty soon she's coming and coming and -- if you're lucky -- you get to start over again in a few minutes. Maybe slip in a few fingers this time, work your mouth over her clit while you fill her hole up with your digits, maybe slide one in the back door. Whatever you do, it ought to BUILD. And it's just like a house of cards -- if you're careful, if you set up the right foundation, you can build it really, really high.

I've never understood the women who don't tease, who don't build, who don't start slow and get fast, soft and then hard. I've never understood the women who just start poking around, who don't take a minute to survey the lay of the land, to explore with curiosity rather than blind urgency. I've never understood why what I want isn't obvious. It feels so obvious to me.

I know I'm being a little crazy. I can't help it. I'm indulging in sexual narcissism. Of course I'm glad all women don't fuck like me. If Mera fucked like me I'd never get pounded like I do now. But if Mera could just learn to fuck like me in *addition* to fucking like she does already... then we'd be in business.


heather said...

thanks for the nice start to the morning *ahem* said...

"swell"... you aren't kidding! LOL

Grumpy Granny said...

I second Tina's emotion...LOL! Great description. My wife LOVES the labia...and I do mean LOVES...whooohoo!