Monday, June 2, 2008

here's a poll, are you happy now?

Wow. Nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds after that last post. Deafening silence. I was shocked. And dismayed. Was it something I said? Were my fantasies too taboo? Or not taboo enough?? Maybe you guys are inexplicably no longer interested in my musings on sex? That would be pretty sad.

Or maybe you just need to be weaned back into sharing with a handy, helpful poll? These things make sharing as easy as clicking a button! How easy is that?? So why don't you give it a try? And feel free to share the old fashioned way too... in a comment... if you want. :-)


heather said...

technically i have fantasized about celebrities, but it's the 'people i'll never get to have' bit that's bitten me. although i haven't done that for a while, and for me, that's actually easier.

re: last post. busy? but, i get how that gets you off. have had fantasies...similar to that before.

stumptown dreamer said...

there is and must be so much diversity on this subject your poll is a great start to bringing that out. my silence over your last post was in support of that diversity, a diversity that SCG began to bring out in her comments.

Unbalanced said...

ha! i can't even get my g/f to talk dirty to me, much less participate in fullfilling any fantasies of mine.

south carolina girl said...

i almost deleted my comments cause no one else was joining in and i was like, poor poet and me, we are such perverts that no one else wants to comment...makes one question what she really wanted to post.

so any of the rest of you ever see yourself as catholic girls getting paddled by a mean nun? just kidding.

(actually, not kidding...)

Unbalanced said...

most of my fantasies involve me being in a submissive or "forced" position, but there is one that doesn't. and i don't always fantasize about women. there's this one that involves me in an almost military type position and i have a prisoner of war restrained to a chair and while i'm getting my "questions" ready i notice he's totally checking me out. even though he doesn't want to be attracted to me because i'm the enemy. anyway, the fantasy involves me, totally taking advantage him!