Monday, February 18, 2008


I had a comment recently asking how I felt about the very important issue of pubic hair. What a great question! Given the state of things in most male-oriented pornography, I think I can safely assume that men prefer little-to-no pubic hair. Of course, there are a lot of layers to that assumption. I mean, do men *really* prefer that, or is that just the way sex is being sold to them these days?

But I haven't been asked to discuss men's interests, so let's leave that for another time. Here's the comment:

"Pubic hair: What do you prefer in a partner, for yourself, stories, proper equipment for trimming and landscaping ideas. I don't have any experience with women, so I'm actually very curious about what women like (for future reference.. lol)."

I personally have no preference at all. As I have mentioned, Mera is as furry as a wild animal and I love it. However Gully, the woman I fisted last year (that's a whole topic unto itself) was bald as a cue-ball "down there" and that was hot too. I'll basically take it however it comes.

Sure, there's something to be said for a little landscaping. A little bit of trimming can make all the vital bits more accessible, especially during oral sex. I personally don't mind the literal "muff diving" required to get to all of Mera's bits, but it certainly can be simpler to suck on someone's clit when it's not buried in a thicket. It's a very personal, subjective sort of thing.

For my own body, I prefer to keep my hedges trimmed back a bit. In fact, I recently bought a beard trimmer to do the job. I must say, I was disappointed with the kit I got. The clipper came with guards ostensibly for men to keep their beards trimmed neatly to certain lengths, but the longest guard is still very, very short. Shorter than I really want my pubic hair to be. I still use the trimmer, but I just hold it in such a way that it leaves a little more hair than it would otherwise.

Why do I leave more hair? Because I like to leave a little something for Mera to tug on. That was Mera's request, and it works out pretty well for me too, so I'm happy to comply. Tugging, or gently pulling, on pubic hair can be really hot and is something you might want to take into consideration if you're thinking about shaving and/or trimming.

As for shaving: beware. It itches and feels awful as it begins to grow out. I made the mistake of shaving once and I vowed never to do it again. I have to admit, there was something really hot about it as I did it. But it wasn't something I wanted to maintain and the growing out period was miserable.

That's another thing to consider: landscaping your muff isn't just about the finished product, you can also get a lot of pleasure from the act of landscaping itself. For me, there's something sexually charged about getting out the clipper and knowing that I'm trimming my bush in anticipation of sex. For those of us who like ritual, it's a great sexual ritual to help set the mental tone. It can also be a fun thing to do together with your partner. And let's not forget the element of control. If control is a prominent feature in your relationship, you might find it really hot to tell your partner (or be told) how to trim your bush. "I want you shaved bald by the time I come over tonight..." -- those words could be the beginning of a beautiful evening.

Those are my thoughts. What about you? Like I said, this is a totally subjective topic and I don't think you can universalize an answer. There's no *one* thing that girls like. Please leave comments and share your own feelings about this topic. The more info the better.

And on that note, I've created another poll! A jumping off point for the pubic hair discussion. Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts on this very important matter. And thanks, Jet, for the question. I hope this has been helpful.


Grumpy Granny said...

When my wife and I first got together, she kept herself very closely clipped, almost shaved. It seemed to be a personal preference. I didn't mind, but I do like "the bush" personally. I guess, for me, the shaved look is somehow yet another way of making women not look like WOMEN but girls. It's already hard enough not being skinny with perky tits, now we have to have prepubescent pubic areas? Sheesh. Okay, some trimming can make things easy to access, but to me grown women have hair, and that's one of the many things that makes them sexy, sexy, sexy! Now, my wife will sometimes comment on how she hasn't shaved her pubic area in ages, and I'm like, good for you and better for me! I also don't mind hair under the arms, but sometimes it needs to be maincured also. I let mine grow in the winter and keep it close in the summer. Wow, another great topic!!


stumptown dreamer said...

great topic RPP - i like the bush topic in this realm....i like the fur bikini personally, visually as much as anything else.... like the mystery of it, the texture, the coverage waiting to be uncovered... and as a medical person i like it's role, it's purpose, it's protection and holder of alluring smells .....

reasonably prudent poet said...

gg -- i absolutely agree about the shaved look. it seems to be sexualizing something that equates with children, and that's just creepy. of course, i absolutely stand for a person's right to do whatever feels appropriate for them, and if that includes shaving, more power to them. but for me, i'd prefer some hair. seems much better that way.

stumpy -- yeah. i like the muff too. whenever i think of the muff i can't help but think of the little thai boy... :-) makes me smile.

zuhn said...

It's always a surprise - like unwrapping a present - when you peel off their pants for the first time. And I must confess, anytime I see an untrimmed bush, in my head, I hear "sproingggg".