Thursday, February 7, 2008


In a culture that swims in sexual images -- where everything from beer to chewing gum is advertised by half-naked women, where our ten-year-old girls wear make-up and midriffs -- we're still a sexually repressed culture. This isn't a political blog, it's personal, so I won't get on a soap-box about puratanism and hypocrisy. I'll just say this: as much sex as we see all around us, we don't talk about it enough.

I like to talk about sex. My sex, your sex, anybody's sex. I have another blog over at another address where I pretend to be a "lady" who doesn't share details, but that's bullshit. I *love* to share details, I'm *dying* to share details. The problem (as Zuhn aptly identified last summer) is my audience. After two years of blogging and building up a small but loyal readership, it just seems inappropriate to spring something so different on them. One day I'm whining about my career crisis or cracking wise about the politics, and the next day I'm talking in graphic detail about fisting someone? Really? I mean, I can imagine coffee shooting out of people's noses all across the country and into Canada. (Perhaps I have an inflated idea of my popularity...?)

Anyway, I started this blog so I could talk about sex. No, this is not a porn blog. I happen to like porn myself, but I'm not planning to use this as an opportunity to entertain you with my stabs at erotica. I want to write about my own sexual experiences and exploration. And I encourage you to post comments about your own sexual experiences and explorations. I'd like to turn this into a fabulous sexual dialogue where nothing is considered too personal to share and no question is considered dumb. The more we share, the more we'll all know. And, hopefully, the better sex we'll all have.

What do you say?


stumptown dreamer said...

great new blog!
so happy you are writing about this subject...
really happy

south carolina girl said...

whoa. you warned on the other blog that this was about sex. but that fisting reference made coffee shoot out my nose and i'm not even drinking coffee! wasn't prepared for that shocker.

reasonably prudent poet said...

scg, i've been waiting to write about fisting ever since that night with gully. but i just couldn't bring myself to put it on my other blog. thank god i've finally got an outlet. and be prepared for coffee to keep shooting out your nose, it won't get any tamer than this. :-)

LeLo in NoPo said...

Oh this is so enticing. I totally am looking forward to reading this new blog, and hopefully participating if I can get myself to actually post a comment on a sex blog. !!!!! I am so not a prude in real life, I swear.

Jet said...

Hey there. I haven't read all your entries yet and I don't know about your more ladylike side - basically, I saw you on Your Daily Lesbian Moment. Anyway, I look forward to all the frank sex talk!

I have one topic suggestion: pubic hair. What do you prefer in a partner, for yourself, stories, proper equipment for trimming and landscaping ideas. I don't have any experience with women, so I'm actually very curious about what women like (for future reference.. lol).